About Me

Hi! This is Sayed Husain Mohamed, a computer science student at the British University of Bahrain. I am passionate about problem-solving using technology and I spend most of my free time learning new skills. Currently, I am studying Machine learning and Data Science at the ZTM Academy.

I have always had my own thing with engineering and problem solving, this is why I appreciate the opportunity of taking place in the Fab Academy Program where I can learn new skills to be creative on how I approach challenges in the future.

My portfolio page is still underdevelopment. In the meanwhile, you can take a look at my linkedin profile.

About Me


I am a computer science student at The British University of Bahrain, The University of Salford Manchester

Free Time

I tend to use my free time to improve my skills and broaden my experience. Currently, I study Machine Learning and data science in my free time.


Personal Portfolio (including MyShop & MyBlog), Machine Learning model in Computer Vision (rotten and fresh fruits), Passwords leacks checker, and more can be found in my portfolio.

Fields of interests

Engineering and Problem Solving, Technology, Programming, Python, Machine Learning, Management and Leadership