Hello. My name is Alina. I am currently an undergraduate student at Bahrain Polytechnic majoring in Mechanical Engineering with special interest in product design, mechanical mechanisms and interactive arts.

As someone who loves making and learning new things everyday, The Fab Academy Program : How to Make Almost Anything with the help of rapid prototyping technology and electronics is a program of my dreams! There are many project ideas in my mind without knowing how to make them and I think this is their time to shine! :D


As I move ahead in this course, I will learn various Fabrication and Engineering skills and use them to work on different projects and I will be documenting all of it on this website!



I enjoy drawing and working with different mediums of art alot. I have worked with various mediums such as, wire sculptures, stop-motion animation, air dry clay pottery, mosaic artwork, etc. (If you wish to follow my art journey, feel free to follow me on instagram at iridescentpolaroids)


As Margaret Atwood said 'A word after a word after a word is power.', words have always guided and comforted me like nothing else. Reading is an integral part in my life and I am extremely grateful for the existence of literature. I also run a twitter bot that posts quotes from my favourite books and writers automatically every hour. (Feel free to follow it on twitter at litbotsociety)


Volunteering, I feel is one of my duties as a resident of this world. I recently volunteered for creating Mosaic Artworks which were installed in a children's garden at the Psychiatric Hospital in Manama. I also volunteered to make cover art for an article published in an online feminist magazine. As an art lover, intersectional feminist and someone who wishes to de-stigmatize mental health struggles and make this world a more inclusive and comfortable space for everyone, these volunteering experiences were deeply fulfilling.