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8. Moulding and casting

This week we lerned how to create a mould with a the cnc machince and then creating a cast with diffrent Materials

Research - Group assignment

Melt and Pour soap base

in the group assignment I was assigned to reserch about soap base material that can be used for casting

Quick Start Guide


  • When heating the soap make sure to use heat safe container.
  • Try to be careful not to burn yourself while working with it.
  • No need to use gloves or eye protection glasses.


  • Cut the soap into picecs and put it in a heat safe container.
  • You can use a microwave or an oven to heat the soap.
  • Heat the material for every 5 seconds then check on it, this is to make sure that you don’t burn the soap. -after that pour the melted soap in the casting container.

– note that the working time is a couple seconds untile the material hardens.

My Process

  • I cut the soap into the desired quantity.

  • Placed the glass cup in the microwave.

  • Checked on it every 5 seconds until it’s fully melted.

  • Poured the melted material in the casting container.

  • Final result.

Individual Assignment

In the Individual assignment, I have been assigned to design an object and then creating a mould to use it for casting later on.


i designed the object using SKETCHUP PRO 2021 and then export the model as an stl.

Printing process

Part 1

Part 2

Creating a silicon container for casting.

Part 3.1 - casting with soap.

Part 3.2 - Casting with resin.

Last update: December 8, 2021