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6. Large format CNC (computer controlled Machining)

This week, I worked on putting the CNC machine through its paces and designing and cutting a large project with it.

Group Assignment

The group assaignment was to test the CNC machine, you can check the full progress on Kumail’s Page

Individual Assignment


the idea was to design a flexible furnicher that can change into multable forms such as a chair, shelf, and a table.

concept sketch


  • I used sketchup Pro 2021 to design the furnicher

First of all I started experaminting with various was to create the proper joints for the design

  • I created multible options to find the best solution.

  • After several testing I created the first prototype to see if the fitings are correct.

  • And this is the final design that will be taken to the CNC machine.

you can download the files here to have a look at the model and the full dimensions.


Fabrication Process

At first we started doing a fitting test

  • A video that shows the fitting and sanding test.

then I uploaded the DXF file to the program.

then we created bones for the holes to fit in properly.

After that we adjusted the settings as shown blow.

And Finally a toolpath for the cutting has been created.

  • progress of the CNC machine while cutting.


After all the picecs has been cut, I started with the sanding process.

  • I used sand paper to have the best results.

I used muiltable sand papers with diffrent roughness, the process took a lot of time but the end result is satisfing.


  • the first part is to assemble the chair design.

  • the second part was to assemble the shelf design.

checking if the joints fits.


unforchinatly the table design was not succefule, the joints didnt fit proparly and it needed more support, but the design is just a prototype since this type of project needs a lot of trile and error but at the end i’m happy that i can create 2 designs with the cut parts.

you can download the sketchup file on the downloads tab for full dimentions of the design and the process of modeling and fitting.

Last update: January 19, 2022