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Hello, This is Mahmood’s page of glory!!

Welcome to My documentation website

Here, you will see all the fascinating things I have learned through my journey in Fablab.

How to edit it

You can edit it on Gitlab. The software used turns simple text files written in Markdown format, into the site you are navigating.

No worries, you can’t break anything, all the changes you make are saved under Version Control using GIT. This means that you have all the different versions of your page saved and available all the time in the Gitlab interface.

In short

  • This website is built automatically by gitlab every time you edit the files in the docs folder
  • It does so thanks to Mkdocs a static site generator written in Python
  • You must start customizing the file mkdocs.yml with your information
  • You can change the looks of your website using mkdocs themes, you can find in the mkdocs.yml the options for the Material Mkdocs theme
  • If you want to start from scratch, you can delete everything (using git-rm) in this repository and push any other static website

Last update: August 23, 2021