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About me

Hey there! This is Noor, I am a mechanical engineering student at the University of Bahrain, currently at my last semester of my bachelor degree. I am passionate and enthusiastic to learn more of different skills every day. As I remember my first goal as a child was to invent something that would help the society in any sector; and this could let me be known in Bahrain and the world. This goal has been and still one of my main goals to achieve.

My background

I was born in a nice city called Sar, luckily we do not have beaches around but food.

What Noor love doing

In my past couple of years I have participated in different activities. Some of the activities were held by school such as, science contests, Arabic story writing competitions, different exhibitions and conferences, school media team from elementary school to high school; participating as one of the speakers. On other hand, I have taken some of several training courses such as: English mentoring classes, speeches classes, photography and videography classes.

Last update: June 26, 2021