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2. Computer Aided design

This week I learned how to use 2 software for 2D designs and 2 software for 3D designs:

2D designs


  • Creating rectangle for the hook:

  • Drawing a line for the string:

  • Drawing a circle for the ball:

  • Repeating the circle hanged on the string with less opacity:

Pendulum Design

Final Design in .svg extension:

I see Vectr is very basic, in opposite to Inkscape which is more professional and has more advanced functions.


Tutorial 1

Tutorial 1

I learned from this tutorial how to:

  • learn the basics how to move zoom.
  • Draw square, ellipse and star.
  • Change size, rotate and skew an object.

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 2

In this tutorial, I applied what I learned from tutorial 1 and how to make a logo:

  • Changing Document size:

  • There is two important menus: fill and stroke, align and distribute:

  • Drawing the logo:

  • Path effects:

a- Corners:


b- Offset:

  • Applying the Difference between two objects:

  • Applying the union between two objects:

  • Adding a logo from website (

  • Adding some stars:

Logo desing

I see Inkscape is more professional and has more advanced functions than vectr.

3D designs



I learned from it how to:

  • learn simple codes of cylinder, cube, circle.
  • learn some functions like translate, rotate, difference, color.

Cup Design

  • Creating two cylinders, and taking the difference:

  • Creating two cylinders, and taking the difference:

  • Taking the difference between the ring with a cuboid:

  • Final cup:

Cup design

I see Openscad is nice, as it is just using coding, which I’m familiar with.


Add feedback about every program.


I learned from this tutorial the basics of the Fusion360, and applying them to design a stamp:

  • Components: I made a component for each part of my design.

  • The browser contains all components and parts:

(a) Plate part

  • Line: I Selected one of the origin planes to sketch 2D design on it. I used the view cube in the upper right to change the angle of view of the design.

  • I can draw lines by dragging from some point to a final point, and I can write the length and angle of each line. I press Esc to exit line command. I click right click and then repeat line to reopen the command.

  • From Solid tab, I open drop-down list named create, and then choose Extrude, and choose the shape to be extruded, and write the thickness.

  • I can Insert .svg file from Solid tab, or write a text using Sketch from Solid tab, then create a text to be in the stamp. I inverted it horizontally to be correct when using stamp:

  • I can extrude the text (or .svg file), and choose thickness of extrude:

(a) Handle part

  • I made first a new component for it, after deactivating the plate component.

  • Project command: is used to project a 3D object in a 2D plane. I used it to project the plate, and then made the handle shape around it.

  • Offset: duplicates a geometric object with changing its size. I can Flip to choose the shape outside or inside the original shape. I used it to make the size of the handle little larger than the plate.

  • Construction option in drawing line, is used to draw lines that will be used only for guidance. Traingle tells you that you’re in the middle of the line. I used Construction line to make a circle in the middle of the bottom of the handle:

  • Offset plane: I used it to make a copy the handle bottom plane at some distance, and then created a circle on it:

  • Loft command in Solid tab, inside create drop-down list, is used to bridges two 2d shapes (where here they’re two cricles):

  • I added rounded edges to be more beautiful using, Fillet command in Solid tab, inside Modify drop-down list:

  • The time line in the left bottom can be used to track the processes of the design, and to make some changes:

Stamp design:

  • Handle:
  • Plate:
  • General instructions from the same tutorial I followed:

1- Save your files right away.

2- Keep components per each part.

3- Keep sketches simple.

4- Construction lines.

5- Be creative!

  • Shortcuts from the same tutorial I followed:

1- L: line

2- E: Extrude

3- P: Project

4- C: Center diameter circle

I see Fusion360, is very beautiful, as its use is easy more than I expected.

How to use Sketchfab?


It is a website where you can upload your design in an extension like .stl, and can copy the code of your publish to embed it in your website.

  • First, Sign up in the website.

  • Upload your design in a supported extension, and publish it:

  • Then, click “Embed” under your design, and copy the embedding code.

  • Paste the code in the place you want to share your desgin.

Design files:



.stl file .scad file

Last update: January 18, 2022