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3. Computer controlled cutting

This week I learned how to use Vinyl Cutter Device, how to use the Laser Cutter, and designed and cut a parametric press-fit construction kit.

Group Assignment

Laser cut machine test

Individual Assignment

Vinyl Cutter

Steps in the Cricut Design Space

  • I downloaded and installed the software Cricut Design Space from the website: Cricut

  • I created a new project and uploaded the clipart I’ve chosen. Then, I’ve removed the white portions of the background, and selected upload type as “cut image”.

  • I’ve selected the clipart and clicked “add to canvas”. I modified the size and position of the clipart, and selected “make it”.

  • I clicked continue and connected the laptop to the Vinyl cutter device via USB cable.

Steps in the Vinyl Cutter device

  • I fixed the Vinyl paper in the light grip, and put the light grip in the device, and make sure the device is set to cut vinyl.

  • I’ve clicked the arrows button for the light grip to be pulled. Then, clicked “C” button and the cutting process started:

  • The final results after removing the not needed portions and sticking it on a paper:

Press fit construction kit:

For this task, I worked with my friend Kumail, to make a Classic football using pentagons and hexagons, connected by joints.


I got help from this helpful tutorial about constraints:


  • I draw a regular hexagon using sketch, create then polygon, and draw a construction line from the origin to the midpoint of one side:

  • I made a joint in one side of the hexagon, made it perpendicular, and symmetric to the construction line

  • I removed the side, and connected the other sides to the boundaries of the joint. Then I removed all the other sides, and made the two lines constituting the remaining side to be parallel:

  • Using the circular pattern tool, I duplicated the side in a symmetric way with respect to the origin point, and connected all sides using the ‘coincident’ constraint:

  • Now changing the joint width and length, or the side length, could be done without altering the shape:

  • to fix the entire shape, I draw a vertical construction line, and use the ‘fix’ constraint on it, so the whole shape became black:

  • I added parameters and assigned the joint width and length, and the side length to them

  • I made extrude to the shape and made a sketch on top of it, then exported the sketch as .DXF file:


I made the joint in a similar way to the hexagon

  • Using mirror tool about a line:


It was done by Kumail, and the processes is similar to the hexagon design.

Printing and Assembling

And now, this is the final shape we got!!

Design files


.f3d file

.dxf file


.f3d file

.dxf file

Pentagons (done by Kumail)

.f3d file

.dxf file

Last update: January 18, 2022