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2. Computer Aided design

one of the important method to design is digital designing specially that most of the machine use in fabrication require a digital design rather its 2d or 3d such a 3d printer or laser cutter .

2D Designs

adobe illustrator (kwala)

open a new file and choose the artboard size to work on it choose specific size or stander size the application work with layers and it need to arranged start with draw a line with drag and click change the strok size to draw the arms use the pin tools and draw a point then drag the other point to draw a curve u can delet or arang the final drawing by arange the intersection line point if ther is a angle edge we can make it smooth by click alt to apeer to you the red point near the corner and drag it copy the element by click alt and drag it to duplicate
and to reflect it left click on the mouse and chose transform-reflect choose the axis’s and press OK use the pin tools to draw the head by click the start point and click the end point and drag the ears the same copy and reflect the ear into the other site add ears details to draw the nose we need middle line and half nose and then reflect it to have a symmetrical nose and select all the lines and left click-joint to crate full nose to fill it
and fill it with the fill tool in the prosperity panel on the left above and chose the color use the shape tool to draw the circle and keep press shift to keep the circle perfect the line is intersection with the hand to remove it paint the hand with Wight and and put the layer upper the line

Kwala design

AutoCAD (Mosaic)

other design using Autocad
open the Autocad (start drawing) choose the line tool the + is the cursor and click and drag to draw the line
draw in line ( vertical , horizontal and diagonal) draw and pattern using the lines select the pattern the been drawing then chose the outline and type the thickness number and press enter and cose the line you want to outline it and press enter to remove some of the intersection line type trim and chose all the lines you want to trim them the design after cleaning and to extend line use type extend and chose the line chose the in the triangle to mirror it type mirror and chose the axis that you want to mirror it from the result

Mosaic design

3d designs

SketchUp (Rubik’s cube)

use the square and type the dimension
type P to extrude the object and type the Hight number use the measuring and distance and divide it horizontally draw lines over the tabe to divide the face draw out line to each square by using offset tool delete the intersection lines that show in the picture to connect the faces together select each square and press P to extrude it use the material color and bucket to color the shape the final result

to downlode the file [cube design](

blender (hammer)

chose general

select the left face and press E and move the face to extrudit press S to scale it down press E to extrude twice Press S to scale up to make the it some round we need to add geometry to the object using loop cuts 1 press CTRL R and chose the edge you want to cut and use the scroll wheel to chose how many cuts add 2 cuts and press click to center them select the 9 faces on the end turning the faces into a single face by choosing to make it round then press E to extrude to add a bevel press CTRL B and chose the bevel size in the other side E to extrude then S to scale the e to extrude 2 time then s to scale it again the E to extrude then we want to transform this cube section into a sphere shape
to select all the object front and back click the show whole screen transparent select the cube and transform to sphere ALT and use and select the loop to flatting it in the Y axis Press S then Y then 0 then enter and move it in my axis by press G then Y
and repet it to some of the faces to smoothed the object switch to the modifier panel and add subdivision surfers modifiers to have a sharper edges we can do this by adding extra geometry press tap to switch to edit mood
by Press CNTRL R left click and slid it close to the edge and left click again and repeat to every edge you want to sharpen it to add hole in the middle

hammer design

Last update: May 22, 2022