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About me

Hi! This is Batool Dheyaa. An architecture student at the University of Bahrain. I am into exploring different cultures, meeting people from different backgrounds and reading books written by authors from different times and origins. And yeahh I always find inspiration in literature!

My background

I am 21 years old. I got raised by my beloved parents and I am the eldest sibling. I grew up between books and their lines, I always loved the idea of reading because it gives me the freedom to imagine things without limits. My friends and family think that I am weird because I always tend to try new things and break the stereotypes, but guess what! I always take it as a compliment because this is what I admire about myself, I mean what is life if we were all copies of each other? One more thing, I chose architecture for its wide sea of deep imagination and thoughts, the idea of being able to bring your own thoughts into real life is really exciting. Finally, I can say that this major is not just about creating shelters, it has improved my critical thinking, taught me to ask more questions and think outside of the box. IT IS A WAY OF LIVING!

Previous work

My passion has always led me to take on new experiences, the most important of which is volunteering in different fields in order to understand this journey that we call life. I worked as an English language teacher for primary school children for three years, accompanied by volunteers from all over the world. I also volunteered for a month in a psychological treatment center in Azerbaijan.

Last update: October 22, 2021