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2. Computer Aided design

This week I worked on some initial experiments to define my final project idea and started to visualize them by using different 2D and 3D software programs.

2D work

Photoshop (raster)

I decided to create a collage by combining a group of images and editing them. Steps Are mentioned below:

Opened a new blank page

Uploaded an image from Pinterest of a sketch by Artist Liz Y Ahmet

Transformed it by using the wrap tool

Used the arch tool on 100 degrees

Added a background and played with the opacity

Adobe Illustrator (vector)

I decided to create a quick illustration of the cup of tea in front of me:


First, I used the curvature tool to draw the outer lines of the cup. Then I used the direct selection tool to play with corners and adjust them

After that I wanted to make the lines smooth so I used the smooth tools

Followed the same steps above to draw the tea inside the cup

Then decided to add more details like the glossiness of the cup and reduced its opacity to 30%


3D Models


Sketchup is one of the easiest 3D software programs, it is designed to work with lines and extrusions

All what I did was:

1.Using Line tool to draw basic surfaces

2.Push/Pull tool to extrude the surfaces


3D Max

I decided to model a hand in 3D Max and followed this video


Drew a box by using the box tool

Adjusted the number of segments

Selected the box and converted it to editable poly

Turned the Vertex Selection tool on

Selected one of the sides and used Uniform tool to create size variations between hand palm and fingers

Used Extrude and Rotate tools to create finger

Finally used the Auto smooth tool to make it look more realistic.



Tea drawing link

Bench model link

Hand model link

Problems & solutions

I was not able to push the links of my Photoshop and Illustrator files for some reason, I tried over and over and all what I got is this note from Atom:

Later on we tried to figure out the problem from Git bash and found out that the sizes of files are over the limit.

To solve this problem, I tried to save the two 2D designs as DXF files which made their size smaller and finally I became able to push them.

Last update: January 17, 2022