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2. Computer Aided design

In this week I had been working with some programs about 2D and 3D designing , and I tried deferent programs and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

The 2D design

fusion 360

for the 2D design I used fusion 360 program and i tried to creat a simple 2d design , and i notice how simple and flixable the programe is . I did not use any toturial for creating this design , whole things was explained in the program.

The design



I tried to use a website called photopea , i can call it a photoshop but an online one . photopea

I followed a tutorial on youtube step by step but i changed the text .

The Tutorial

I used a wall picture , from the internet The picture

The picturs PROPERTIES

I add a text here

The Result

3D designing

Tinkercad :

I used a profram called Tinkercad Tinkercad

I tride to do a snowman in the program

Snowman design


My opinion about Tinkercad :

The programe was so easy to a level that i did not think about watching any tutorial , I think this peogram is made for who don’t have any experience in designing , put the is does not have desails and tools to creat more creative projects . The movment of the objects there is so low and it was a disadvantage because it take more than two hours to creat a simple project because of the movment.

The second program I used called fusion 360 :

fusion 360 :

You can download it from here

In this time I decided to make a more professional design I tried to make a book shelf that I have in my room :

I planned the design on a paper :

Then I tried to do it the program :

First of all , I made 2d shape to the left side of the book shelf

I extruded the 2d shape to make it as a 3d design

And the result became like :

My opinion about fusion 360 :

I felt that the program is built for me , it is so easy to use and there are a lot of tutorials to make the progress more easier , even I could make the design without watching more things to help , because the program is made for students like me , who don’t have any background about designing

The third program I used called Blender :

The design files

DXF f3d

Blender :

You can download it from here

in this time I tried to make any shape through Blender just to discover the program :

My opinion about blender :

The program is so enjoyable and moderen one , and I notic that i could do a lot of thing through it , but it was so hard to use for me .

Last update: January 28, 2022