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5. 3D printing and scanning

In this week we learned about how we can print and scan 3d objects ,and how we can use the programs and the machines to print and to scan.

individual tasks

3D Scanning :

In this part we worked with two methods of scanning , the first method is Scanning by phone the second method if Scanning by computer and we used deferent programs for both of them .

Scanning by phone :

In this method I used two applications that can help me to scan by phone :

Qlone 3D scanner

the first application I used in this method an application called Qlone 3D scanner The application

The problem of the application

but unfortunately the application did not work with my phone I think it is because of my phone camera. I had a problem that the camera did not work well , like this : The application was so easy to a level that you have just to put any object in a special paper to let the phone understand the dimensions of the object and to take a video around it. The special paper


I tried to use a second application called SCANN 3D The application it was a bit harder than the previous one , because there is no special paper can make the demotions clear , all what I had to use is taking a punch of photos all around the object , in the same distance .

The problems of the application
# The first problem :

The first problem in the application is that it includes the surface which the object on while scanning . I think it is normal because there is nothing can tall the application about the dimensions, so the application will not know which object should it take .

# The second problem :

The second problem was about how the application is analyzing the photos , because sometimes two sides of the object became similar . I think it because of the complexity of the object itself and specially if there are two sides without a big difference between them , the application will not realize the difference . and it will make the two sides similar .

Scanning by computer :

The second method that I used for scanning is scanning by computer and we used a software called SKANECT this software uses the xbox 360 kinect to record the objects .

xbox 360 kinect

The software

The software was too easy because whole the instructions were provided , all what I had to do is to follow them

There were some of the body the kinect did not reach , so they were presented by holes ;

Here I had to press fell holes so I can be sure that the body is completed :

Then we colored the body , the final result was a bit messy because I had to turn around myself and I could not find the starting point :

3d printing :

In this part I made a quick design just to test the 3d printing machine the design was a box with holes inside it , a thing can not the laser cutter do it .

For the printing part I used a machine called Prusa

this machine has a lot of features like :

1- High-Quality Parts

2- Removable Print Sheets

3- Slice with Prusa-Slicer

more features can be found Here

I used I program called Cura to slice the design


I imported my design as STL file*

I edited the printing setting The quality : means the thinness of each layer , because the less thickness the more quality but it will take more time .

The speed : I put the speed of the machine as 60 mm/s.

Infill : means the filling inside the design to give it more strength , I put it 10% and the way of filling is Zigzag .

The support : I chose everywhere ang the maximum angle of the support is 85 .

Build plate adhesion : are the layers around the design , I chose Skirt .

after editing the sitting , I clicked to slice .

The final result :

I send my design to machine through CD card :

printing result

the design files

(DXF) (f3d)

group tasks

The group task was two parts , the first part is about learning how the machine works and details about 3d printing as my partnerTeflah mentioned , The second task was the first 3d object that we had to print as s group work ,and the whole process is mentioned in the page of my partner Teflah mentioned

Last update: February 1, 2022