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6. Large format CNC (computer controlled Machining)

In this week we were working on the CNC machine , the machine which can cut the wood , aluminum and a lot of materials by using a drill bit and moving in 3 dimensions. We learnt a lot about the machine and how it works .Also , we design our project and we cut it thorough this machine. It was so enjoyable , and it made me feel creative.

Individual Task

Rocking chair :

At the first time I tried to make a rocking chair : I used fusion 360 to make the parts and the chair was consisting of :

The back :

The stands :

The seat :

The Handles :

The rocking arc :

After I joint them in 3D design :

A problem in the first design :

I faced a problem after I designed the rocking chair which is I did not have to extrude the stands from the arc , I had to separate them and make them separated bodies , because I want to make them as a 3D design then I will make the joints .And with the way that I did , I had to start everything from the beginning , because I could not label the component .

I decided to make another design which will be more simpler in the design and in the jointing part

A Table :

The table was so easy and was consisting of two parts : The Surface of the table :

The legs of the table :

After I joint them in 3D design :

Cutting part :

The softwires of the machine :

I used a program called Vcarve to create the tool path I made the inner angles of in a shape called dog-bon , this shape will allow the derail bit to reach the angles easily.

Here i put the information of the bit that we will use in the process

The finial design :

The final design after the cutting part :

The group task

The group task is the Kumil’page

the designs file

The chair (dxf)

The table (dxf)

Last update: February 1, 2022