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1. Project management

in my firstweek I started getting used to the documentation process and get familair with git virsion control , markdown language and how edit my website in a local environment through an editor sofware called atom .

moreover I Started to read more about additve manufacturing (3D printing) and its environmental applications in the chemical engineering field, to brain storm some ideas that will help me defining my final project.

since the air quality is one of the main challanges Bahrain environmentiis facing today , monitoring and measuring the amount of contaminants like CO2 and dust within the air , through low cost devices is really useful. so the purpose of my project is to use 3D printing techniques to build an instrumentation that will enable us in measuring the quality of indoor air by measuring the concetration of the main contaminants like particular matter and carbon dixoide

editing the website

the first step I made was to add personal touch to my website , I took my favourit qoute , and used a app called phonto and tried to make a simple customized design that represent me.

and then I installed a program called gimp that helped me in shrinking down the size of the file,by following these steps explained in this video gimp file reduce

and finaly I Learned how to work in edting my website locally by installing two sofwares git-bush and an editor sofware called atom that cen be easily connected to git-bush. the first step is to install git bush sofware from git bush and then I took the HTTPS clone link from fab lab git-lab

, after that I opend gitbush and wrote git clone followed by the git HTTP link , another page showed up asking for my git user name and passwred and after successfully doing that , I was able to exctract the git bush cloned file to any file inside my pc and finaly opemd the extracted profile named exactly as my git user name in the editor software atom.

the atom is an easy to learn app, that helped in edting my website , locallY and push the changes later on when my pc was conncted to a wifi.

after opening the git file , I made few changes and add a picture to my website locally, after saving the changes I pressed stage all and then left a short remark that indicates what I changed in ” commit message”, so I CAN easily track it back in git virsion control then commit master and then pulled the file and finally pushed it back .

Last update: February 9, 2022