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2. Computer Aided design

in the week I explored some of the 2D,3D software's like fusion 360 , inkscape , tinkercad .

1.1 Fusion 360

autodesk website

>after I Confirmed that I was eligible for educational access (student) by uploading my transcript (any document university Id ..etc. ) and filing the required information , I Got the educational access approve after few hours and Then fusion 360 was installed successfully.

I Started by looking into the preferences to check the units.

then I tried to sketch a simple rectangle, and what I really liked about fusion 360 , is how easy it was to move the from 2D to 3D by simply clicking on the extrude option.

here I Tried to explore the software tools

here I Tried to build a box by following a YouTube tutorial

another trial with different tools

Now I can say that I am comfortable in exploring fusion 360 tool at the beginning I struggled a lot to the point that it took me decent amount of time to even rotate the the sheet and the write dimension to sketch in 2D.I Believe that the software will benfit me a lot in my future projects”

1.2 tinkercad

Here a quick go in tinkercad

Tinkercad is an online free 3D modelling program, which proved to be very easy to use. all I had to do is to create an account.

1.3 inkscape

inkscape website

Inkscape is an open source (free) program for creating and editing vector graphics (2D models)

I Tried the pattern along path tool to repeat different objects around a shape

another trial

fusion 360

design 1

design 2


design 3

Last update: February 9, 2022