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6. Large format CNC (computer controlled Machining)

This week I used CNC machine to cutout my designs.

Group Assignment

Find the group assignment in:

Sara Eid website


I used the shelves design I made in Week 02 to fabricate it using CNC

I designed shelves furniture piece

Here how it finally looked in the model

CNC Work

After designing the furniture piece in SketchUp I saved it as dxf file to make it ready for Printing

Here is the process of the CNC machine

First I imported the design to Vcarve program

Then I created a dog fillet in some narrow areas

Then I choose the drill bit for cutting

Now we specify some extra details for cutting

Then I made 3 tabs in each piece so the piece will not fall when cutting

Then I made 4 passes of cutting and specify the pass depth

Then the toolpath is created

Finally I preview how the machine will go

And this is the settings of where the machine is located in the origin point

And here is a photo of the machine

Final Outcome

I faced a problem that some joints were a bit tight so I needed to hammer the pieces together and some joints were too big that it was loose when putting them together Another problem I faced is that I did not calculate the area needed to my design therefor 2 rows of the shelves where cancelled in the final outcome


SketchUp file

Dxf to print

Last update: November 12, 2022