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8. Molding and casting

This week I learned how to create a mold with a machine and then creating a cast with different materials

Group Assignment

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I designed “Attack on Titans” logo using SketchUp


I saved the design file as “.svg” in order to get recognized by the molding machine

Unfortunately I did not take photos for the molding part so I will use Fajer’s Photos as a reference since it is the same process!

First we place the machinable wax in the molding machine

Then the machine will start molding

And the mold is done

Then we add the silicon


For casting I used 2 materials: soap and resin>

For the soap I simply melted a piece of soap in the microwave then poured the mixture to the mold in order to create a soup out of my design. Note that working time for the soap is limited to 1-2 minutes after melting the soap because it gets hard very quickly. Then you need to wait couple of hours till it gets completely solid.

The outcome of the Soap

A little problem I faced is that the soap dried quickly therefore I was not able to smoothen the surface quick enough and the outcome became bumpy a bit.

Then, I used resign to cast my design and create a clear looking design. The mixture of the resign is 6 resign to 10 hardener ratio 6:10 (you can add colors if you wish). After pouring the materials to each other you need to mix it very hard in order to get completely mixed. Then, you will have 15 minutes of working time to pour the mixture. Make sure to remove the bubbles after pouring the mixture so the design will become solid without air bubbles in it. Finally, wait 24 hours for the cast to get dry and solid.

A problem I faced is that I did not pop the bubble enough which made the final outcome come with a lot of bubbles inside. For next time I’ll try to use the heater more and make sure to pop all of the bubbles.


SketchUp file

Last update: November 12, 2022