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My name is Noor, and in Arabic it means LIGHT ...


Was I rightly named?

I feel like a neutrino

Hi, I'm Noor, from Bahrain. A 23 years old physicist-in-process who enjoys learning, innovating, and drinking tea, working as a Science & Design Trainer with Fab Lab Bahrain

You will find me doing physics, journaling, stargazing, sewing, travelling, making TikTok, teaching, playing Tetris, reading sometimes, and more.

"In that moment, I felt like a neutrino. Destined to be alone... forever."

A quote from Young Sheldon, that hit me with a realization. Just like the neutrinos, I can see myself wandering the world, going from a place to another.

However, some might consider neutrino as the super-partner of the photon. That's why I combined them as my nickname

But what is a neutrino?

A neutrino is a particle, or so called a fundamental particle, wandering the world, a lot of them are passing through your body right now as you read, and they are fun to study! Neutrinos help us understand the world, as they don't interact with other particles, they are so light weighted, so fast, and they have no charge.

I like to believe that neutrinos are just curious little guys that travel by themselves, passing through everything at anytime without harming them. As they have no charge, they don't really do anything to other charged particles. They see the world as their own, it is all their space, even stainless steel is mostly empty space for neutrinos that they swim in.

These mysterious particles, just like me, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an unwavering curiosity to explore the vast universe.

Since the beginning of my scientific journey, I have felt a strong attraction to the unknown—a spirit of adventure that pushes the limits of understanding. Supported by a family of engineers and scientists, my path has been illuminated by curiosity. It is the kind of curiosity that doesn't harm the cat but enables it to dive into new experiences. This guided me to major in physics in university.


In 2018, I started my B.Sc. in Physics, in the college of science in University of Bahrain. Studying how the universe work in its language, interacting with other passionate scientist, and researching new topics, my physics journey was rich. During my four years of studying physics, I witnessed how human curiosity led us to explore two interconnected yet contrasting universes. Through astronomy, I gained a humbling perspective on our insignificance in the vastness of the universe. On the other hand, delving into particle physics revealed an entirely new realm that comprises our existence. Both fields demonstrated our innate human passion for knowledge, driving us to unravel the composition of even the tiniest speck of dust and understand the nature of every shining celestial object in the sky.

This is reflected in the projects I worked on. Starting from researching astrophysics, simulating the solar system, exploring Jupiter's moon, and then diving smaller to understand why neutrinos are the way they are, and how does liquid crystal work.

2022 was my final year in my bachelor degree, and it was unforgettable. I spent it working on my senior project, A Study of Bi-photon Entangled States, and it ended with the best experience in my life, being selected as a Summer Student Intern at CERN, where I spent three months with around 300 students from all around the world, all having the same passion and same curiosity.

Find my projects during my studying years, including my senior project thesis in the topic of Quantum Optics, A Study of Bi-photon Entangled States, multiple research about Physics of Laser in different applications, Particle Physics, Astrophysics, Material Science Research and more.

Physics projects

Education, Social entrepreneurship, and more

About 100 trillion neutrinos pass through your body every second without interacting with any of the particles in your body. They are everywhere. And I love to be everywhere. Along with physics, education has always been part of who I am.

I have taken on different roles and explored various areas, similar to how neutrinos effortlessly change their identities. It all began with tutoring, where I shared knowledge and inspired young learners.

I believed in integrating this love for science to the younger generation. And what a better way to do that rather than teaching subjects of science with love! This journey started when I worked as a reading-club tutor for 9-12 years-old girls in 2015. The feelings I had when I saw the little girls eyes lightening up with excitement told me that I should never stop. This was a kickstart, and I kept on seeking to feel the same way ever since.

Once a teacher, always a teacher. I only believed that when I started missing how it felt when I was teaching. Luckily, A Academy was there to fulfil that! I had the opportunity to teach physics and math courses with them in 2020. This led me to my next step which is working as a physics tutor with BAIMS.

But what a better way to mix science with fun. In 2022 I worked with Clever Play, where I recharged my curiosity for science by watching young learners explore the world around them with big smiles, happy laughter, and love for science.


The journey didn't end, it was just the beginning. Currently, I am a Design and Science Trainer with Fab Lab Bahrain, empowering young creators to believe in themselves, and bring their imaginatioon into the real world.

Aside from education, I delved into social entrepreneurship and gained experience through internships such as GHAYA Impact Program, where I had the chance to work with Diversity of Board

One of the most amazing experience I ever had was being a CERN Summer Student in 2022, where I worked with physicist and scientist from all around the world.

Each transition brought me joy and expanded my understanding of the world, getting me closer to the limits of knowledge.

If you want to dive into the physics world and learn about Bulk Properties of Matter, you can check my lectures with BAIMS. And if you want to learn about Differential Equations, here is my lectures with A Academy in this YouTube Playlist:



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