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3. Computer controlled cutting

This week I worked on two-dimensional design laser cutting using a cricut cut smart 2 cutting machine, and I have worked on press-fit construction.

Group Work

We have tested the propraite cutting sitting and thickness dimention, documented by Hafsa Ishtaq Click here

Pressfit design

I have used the Fusion360 application to design my press-fit pieces, where I chose اexagonal shapes to create my design. The main instruction to fabricate your press-fit design are Pieces must fit precisely together without glue, nails, screws or other fasteners. If you change your material type the thickness of your material will change and your joints may no longer fit snuggly together.

I have added the joints part by the line option, where I have added a line in the middle of it to ensure symmetry, select symmetry, then press on the two lines and the middle one

To specify my dimensions precisely and to be more flexible to adjust all parts, I have used the parametric table and stored the appropriate dimensions

To duplicate the joint part on the opposite side use the mirror option

Dimensions and settings

X13 Pieces of the hexagonal shape with the following dimensions| Tickness:0.8mm| Length of joints: 1mm| Length of sides: 90 mm| Speed: 35 mm/s| Power: 35%| Priority: 1|

Select the file,

Select Origin: Frame to check the frame’s boundaries

Final results

Vinyl Cutting Machine¶

Print stickers that have been created using a computer. Sticky sheets can adhere to a special 12”*12” mat that must pass through the Vinyl machine during the cutting process. The machine will gently drag the mat inside toward the cutting head, which can move and cut in 1D, therefore the sheet must be taped to the mat during the cutting process.

I have chosen an astronaut design and it was smooth to stick.

The Cricut software must be downloaded in order to use the Vinyl machine effectively.

Cricut cut smart 2

Find out Cricut website To download Cricut Open the Cricut design space application and upload an image to use, select image type as complex then continue to start evacuating your shape

Then press apply and continue: Cut image: Upload

Select basic cut, and make sure to lock the size while adjusting it

Lastly if you are satisfiyed with the dimensions and you continue to last step is to connect to the machine by wire and check the tools. click done To prepare the mat, cut a vinyl paper with the same dimensions of your design, place the paper to be cut on the mat, use a tape to keep it in place. press the illuminated buttons on the machine to begin the cutting process using a clear adhesive and any sharp tool roll to facilitate removing the undesired parts of the design Final result

Original Design Files


Vinyl astronaut

Last update: May 22, 2022