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8. Moulding and casting

What is the difference between molding and casting ?

The main difference between molding and casting is the use of the material in the process. Casting will typically involve metal, while molding focuses on plastics. In both cases, the melted material goes into a die or mold to create the final form.

Group assignment

Individual assignment

Resin is the material I’m working with.

What is resin ?

Resin is a liquid organic compound that, under certain circumstances, will harden. This happens when you add a hardener (two-part systems) or expose it to UV light (UV resin). When the reaction starts, molecules bind together from long chains of molecules. This is what causes the liquid to harden.

safety data sheets for each of your molding and casting materials

Epoxy resin safety data sheets Silicon MSDS safety data sheets

Designing the 3D model

I used tinker cad to design my 3d model

3d desing

download my files

click here to download


An end mill is a type of milling cutter, a cutting tool used in industrial milling applications. It is distinguished from the drill bit in its application, geometry, and manufacture. While a drill bit can only cut in the axial direction, most milling bits can cut in the radial direction. Not all mills can cut axially; those designed to cut axially are known as end mills.

  • The Endmill we’re using is called 3/32 SE 2FL BN

  • It will be inserted in the milling machine as shown


  • we measure the height of the wax to be typed.

  • Inter the size of the machinable wax ,length, width and height

  • select the type of the milling which changes depending on your design , In our design the result we need in smooth curved edges.
  • create a working piece and make sure it covers all the design surface , enter the size of the working piece.
  • should look like this the we move to the next step which is

creating the tool path

Create the silicon mold.


Describing the problems and how I fixed them

I had an issue in the design , because my desired object should be on piece I missed adding a shape to hold the shapes together - The solution was adding a partition around the mold using glue gun and that served the purpose.

The final result

Last update: April 20, 2022