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Microfluidic Measurement Inspection

The measurement of the constructed microfluidic must be examined to see if it meets the design specification and to define the fabrication method limitation. Since measuring such a small object requires special technique rather than a regular ruler.


ImageJ is a software used to process and analyze scientific images. In this case, imageJ was used to inspect the measurements of two existing microfluidics. The pictures were taken using a digital microscope. The microscope lens view was seen using the regular camera app in the laptop. This is the how the program looks. Where, only small bar appears and you have to either open photos or drag them to the bar.

The microfluidic desired to be inspected was dragged and the line option was selected.

Measure the lego piece of a known dimension. The length was 531 pixels.

The length was measured multiple times.

The average of the obtained values was taken. From results, summaries was selected to calculate this average.

A relation of a known length object, lego piece, was related to pixels. Then, the channel width was measured and the average of the measurement was taken. The length of the lego piece was taken from a website that will be referenced bellow. By clicking on global option this scale will be applied to all the opened photos.

The measurement of the channel width of the first microfluidic was taken and the average was taken as well.

The same procedure was followed for the second micr1fluidic.

Last update: July 26, 2021