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Week 1

This week I worked on defining my final project idea.


Adhesives are substances that bind two objects together. The main object of this project is creating new adhesive from natural resource casein. This project aims to provide more options (materials) of natural adhesives which are better for environment and more accessible if oil depleted or prices of oil increased dramatically since crude oil is commonly used to make adhesives in this era.


There are variety of natural resources to make adhesives. For example, casein which is a protein obtained from milk is used to make adhesives. Also, animal glue which is obtained from collagen (protein) in various of animal tissues. In addition, animals’ blood, and bones. Also, starch from plants is used to make natural adhesive [1].

“The adhesive nature of the casein curd was recognized in ancient Egypt” [2].


Skim milk is prewarmed (42-45 C) and mixed with dilute acid (i.e; hydrochloric, sulfuric, and lactic acids). Then, draining off the whey. After that, washing and pressing the curd. Finally drying the casein.


Last update: August 2, 2021