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3. Large format CNC

This week I worked on designing a bookshelf in fusion 360 and cutting it using cnc machine.

What happened

Instructors taught us how to use cnc machine and what safety precaution must be considered before using cnc machine.

Bookshelf designing

Bookshelf was designed using fusion 360. It begins with a simple rectangle sketch.

Then, extruding top, upper shelf, lower shelf, back and bottom. Midplane is used to mirror bodies.

Next, adding joint.

Next, use combine tool to cut joint holes. Tolerance of 0.35 mm is taken for joints hole make sure bodies are strongly attached to each other. Measurement 0.35 mm is considered using test tool provided in our Fab Lab.

Mistake can occur. Extruding upper and lower shelves is wrong because thickness was not considered correctly.

Solving this issue is very simple just extrude with negative value of thickness and that’s it. No need to go back to check through history and try to edit it.

To prepare for cnc machine. It is neccessary to convert each body to dxf file using project tool to.

This the final design. Very helpful source to create bookshelf for beginners is provided in the useful links section.

VCarve pro is the software used to control cnc machine and import dxf and transfering it to g code which machine underestand.

Tollpath taps are important to make sure that sheet stays in place.

Specifying feed rate, sprindle speed and diameter of drill bit.

Sacrifice sheet is used under the sheet to avoid damaging cnc. Also, cutting depth is a little bit higher to ensure better cutting.

Preview cutting toolpath before starting.

click here to download f3d click here to download stl

Before starting using cnc machine, safety precaution must be considered. Do not wear long sleeve shirt. Moreover, for girls tight long hair. Also, protective glasses must be worn. Also, there are two safety red buttons to stop machine immediately in case of emergency.

Calibration must be done before operating. Some issues occur because calibration was not accurate due to small inclination. Wood file were used to clean bodies. The pipe is used to remove dust while cutting mdf sheet.

All bodies attached to each other by joints using hammer.

Final product

Group Assignment

Last update: July 17, 2021