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8. Moulding and casting

This week I learned concept of moulding and casting and applied these concepts on my design in fusion 360.

Fusion 360 design

In fusion 360 this shape is created. To make sure it is symmetrical same angle and length for both sides were chosen as shown below. Circular pattern tool was used to repeat the shape 14 times.

In the center there are many complex shapes. These shapes were exported as one shape.

Shapes were extruded at different levels thickness to ensure that all details in final shape are clear and visible.

Click here to download f3d file

Click here to download stl file

moulding and casting

SRP software which is design for milling machine is used. At the begining, top surface is selected to make sure that z direction is facing the top of the object.

Object is downscaled in X and Y direction since wax is small (80X40X10).

In type of milling section these conditions were chosen based on my design. There are many curves in the objects and only top surface I need to cut. Also, better surface finish is chosen to make sure that my design looks better.

Tool bath is created automatically for both roughing and finishing.

Time estimated is high and it can be reduced by using larger diameter drill bit for roughing.

Now estimated time is much lower. VPanel software is used to control milling machine. Axis of origin must be chosen accurately to ensure milling wax plate.

Z axis must be touching the wax plate to ensure cutting object at desired depth.

There two stages of cutting since two different drill bit were chosen. First, roughing using larger one then finishing using smaller one.

Wax plate after finish roughing.

drill bit is replaced with the smaller one 1/16 to start finishing.

Caution: do not move wax plate and do not replace X and Y origin. It is very difficult to find the center again and you may need to do it again from the beginning and use another plate. Z origin must be set again since drill bit is replaced.

Two liquids are mixed at same exact weight to create silicon mould (each one 30 g).

It was Left for few hours (approximately 3 to 4 hours) to become solid. It is recommended to use heat and mix two liquids slowly to minimize bubbles.

Soap is heated for 15 seconds in microwave and poured immediately.

Soap became solid quickly in few minutes.

Group Assignment

Last update: August 26, 2021