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Week 4

Casein glue


Casein glue preparation steps:-

1- 510 ml of milk mixed with 90 ml of vineger ( contains 5% acetic acid)

2- Mixture is heated to 50 C.

3- Curd is separated from milk whey and dried.

4- 50 ml of water and 5g of baking soda are mixed with casein.

5- Now glue is ready to be used. We added glue between two testing specimens and left them a few hours till adhesive dried.

Testing and Results

After creating casein glue from milk we have tried to test its strength. The adhesive bonding strength is extremely strong.

After using wood flies we were able to break adhesive bonding force.

To solve this issue surface area were reduced and adhesive was tested using load cell (shown in project development section).

Casein adhesives withstand 1.3 kg for MDF specimens with surface area equal to 49.5 mm2. This result is very satisfying especially for this very small surface area which proves that our casein glue is reliable for bonding MDF objects.

Last update: January 29, 2022