Computer Controlled Cutting

Laser Cutting Machine

‚ÄčLaser cutting machine is an unrivalled material processing method. The laser makes high-precision contours possible, and the material is not stressed mechanically. The main component that Laser Cutting machine contain of:

  • Motion controller & panel
  • Electrical control Board
  • Stepper motor and drivers
  • Focus lens & mirrors
  • XY Linear guide rail
  • Laser tube
  • Water chiller
  • Air compressor

For the assignment of this week I have decided to make a chesse table with joint using fusion 360.

To upload the files to the laser cutting machine we have used RDWorks. RDWorks is a powerful program that allows you to perform laser cutting engraving operations. The program has support for drawing points, lines (horizontal/vertical), polyline, ellipse/circle, rectangular/square, Bezier curve, text, and for CAD models such as DXF, AI and PLT.

After uploading your files to RDWorks, there are multiple things need to adjust before uploading to the laser cutting machine.

  • Adding the material your going to cut to the machine.
  • Adjust the z-axis so the focus point of the laser should be align.
  • Checking the size of the design in the application.
  • Making sure we choose the right color for the design, plus the Output for it says "Yes"
  • Adjusting the speed according to the material we are going to cut on.
  • Adjusting the number of time we are going to repeat the processes.
  • Choosing the type of processing mode (Cut, Scan, Dot or Pen)
  • Choosing the percentage of laser power it going to cut with.
  • After adjusting it all you download it to the device.
  • From the device you can adjust where it going to start from and end, then you can start cutting.

Extra Project Work

Vinyl Cutting Machine

The main component that Vinyl Cutting machine contain of:

  • The Switch buttons contain of:
    • The turn on/off buttons
    • The custom rotation
      • The custom rotation contain of multiple type of cutting, you chose the one you need according to the material your going to cut.
    • The sheet dragger
    • The Operation button
    • The pause button
  • The motors
  • The cutter and pen holder
  • The cutters and pen
  • The sheet holder

As it showing in the beginning of the application when you open it, you can start by clicking on New Project.

It will take you sketching area, where you can either try to design a concept or try to upload one.

There are two options to upload, we either upload a picture or upload a pattern. But for this activity we will upload a picture.

After uploading the picture you need to choose how complex is the design you have chosen, and press continue.

Then you have to select the spaces you want the cutting to tool to ignore and try to remove all the white spaces.

Then choose a name to save your picture and choose the option Cut image and press upload.

Your picture will be saved and ready to use. You can click on it and then press Add to Caneva.

We have two options to choose from for using the machine. We either cut with it or draw. I have tried both. But make sure that material your cutting or drawing is bigger than the picture, and its recommended to keep it in the corner.

Then we choose how many copy we want to draw or cut and choose the right material size.

After its all done we just click on "Make it".

For the drawing I choose hard card board and for cutting I choose the blue sticker.

In the end this is my end results.