Molding and Casting


Molding is the act of creating the cavity form that carries a negative or reverse impression of an original model. Casting is the act of pouring liquid material into the cavity of a mold.

This week assignment is basically to try to mold and cast. Things need to be prepared before we start with our experiment:

Wax Steup

  • First taking the available wax we have, adding it with the left over of the wax. Putting it all inside the oven & waiting for it until it become one mold.

  • Next step taking the mold to Roland SRM-20 machine to balance the surface of the mold.

TinkerCad Prepartion Steup

  • Next step adding my design to the machine in order to cut it on the mold. This is the design I have made using Tinker CAD. I have repeated the steps twice, in order to have shape from both side.

Download My Design: Kingdom Hearts: Sora's Keyblade

Edit on My Design: Kingdom Hearts: Sora's Keyblade

  • Next we have added the mold in the machine and we uploaded the file using the same steps we did in electronics design week. We have used 1/16 SE 2FL BN drill bit to cut through the mold.

Molding Setup

The material I used to cover my mold with is Silicon VBS26A/B. It is a pourable and also suitable for pumping 2-part addition cure silicone elastomer system. After mixing parts 'A' and 'B' in the correct proportions, the system will cure at ambient temperatures within 6 to 12 hours, but the rate of cure can be accelerated by heat. The ratio from A to B is 1:1 and it was measured using a scale in different cups, then adding them together and start mixing. After that poring it on the mold.

Casting Setup

After everything is set up I have done two experiments with my silicon:

  • Using a Soap
  • Using a Ceramic

Soap Setup

  • Processes & Time: (1) Cut the Pifito Melt and Pour Soap Base into small chunks. (2) Heat soap in a microwave, at 20-second intervals, stirring between each one. (3) wait till the soap cools down a bit. Then slowly add essential oil (scent) to the melted soap base and gently stir.
  • Mix Ratio: 1 lb of melt and pour soap base is .25 fl. oz. of essential oil.

Plaster Setup

  • Processes & Time: (1) It needs to be garnered into water ( Not vice versa) in a clean bucket. (2) Mix approximately 32L of cool, clear water and 40kg Mada plaster together. (3) Stop adding once the powder is exceeding the water level. (4) 1 minutes of soaking. (5) Properly mix by hand or mixer.
  • Mix Ratio: The ratio is 2:3 ratio water to plaster, which is equal to 40% water and 60% gypsum (plaster).

Group Assignment Research

Natural Gypssum

Liquid Silicone

Silicone Pastique

Resin (Art Coating Epoxy)

silicon rubber

Melt and Pour soap base