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About me

Hi! My name is Haider Albasri, I’m a programmer and self taught digital artist from the kindom of Bahrain! I am a fast learner and a creative thinker. I have a natural talent for coming up with ideas and connecting different ideas in unique ways. I hope to showcase some of that on this website!

Pixelart portrait of myself

Previous work

I have worked on many programming projects ranging from apps, websites to games. On the other hand, I have also done some freelance art as well as personal pieces. My art background helps me create visually appealing programming projects.

App development

I developed a mobile application for DMS Global that extends their attendance system allowing employees to checkin to work at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. I designed the user interface and wrote the program using React Native.

App i made for a company

Pixel artwork

I learned art and design fundamentals by developing pixel art pieces. I have learned a lot about art and am able to apply it outside the pixel art medium. The image below is a character portait i developed using different images of tutrles as reference.

Pixelart Tutrle collage

Last update: February 2, 2022