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3. Computer controlled cutting

This week we learned how to use (Laser machine & Vinyl cutter) to cut some shapes designed by us on the one or more of the programs that we learned last week (week02).

Vinyl cutter

I downloaded (Cricut Design Space)program, this is a program for designing 2D shapes or you can import an image from your pc and cut it using this Vinyl cutter machine.

here is the steps that I did to create my design: 1- downloading Cricut Design Space program from the original website of the Vinyl cutter machine which is (Cricut company) download Cricut from here. to download it freely you need first to make an account in the website.

2- after downloading the program and opening it, this window will appears to you . choose the type of the product that you have and you are gonna use. then this window will shows to you . choose from it the type of the smart cutting machine you have.

3- here we go now you can start use the program. a welcoming window will shows to you directly, from this window you can click on new project to start drawing your amazing piece of art. another window will opens to you have some guides before start working. just press done

4- now finally you can start do you amazing work from the left side you choose shapes or text to do your work. there are some purchasable shapes you need to purchase them to be able to cut your work.

5- to cut an existing image in your computer go to download (down left) then drag or upload you image.

6- after uploading your image choose how you want your image type. complex is preferred

7- now you can remove the background of the image and unnecessary things, then click on apply & continue

here is what I did 1- I write text after I clicked on (make it) in the top right corner 2- then I selected how I am gonna put the material in the cutting machine. 3- a window appears to show me how is my work looks like before start cutting.

4- then insert the cutting material in the machine then click start.

5- this is the final result of my work.

I download an image of my laptop brand from Pinterest website and cut it also by the Vinyl cutting machine.

laser cut machine

we had to prepper a parametric press-fit construction kit this thing should be done by a 3d program that makes drawings parametric which mean all similar dimension of any side or shape are connected to a parameter. so, whenever you change this parameter all the sides that have the same dimension will change automatically, no need to change one by one. below is the parametric table that I did for my drawing.

1- for my design I start with a simple hexagonal shape, then I draw circles based on what I need to be organized as. I added a joint gaps at the corners to connect the shape faces together.

2- I create a new project, then selected my shape face 3- goes to then new sketch created. 4- right click on the muse 5- save as DXF file.

now you can use the specific program of the laser cutting machine import your file into it.

then I change the number of copies that I want to cut, the speed and power of the laser cut machine.

then I change my file name and downloaded it to the machine system press on start

to prepper the laser machine cut to be ready to cut your design follow the next steps: 1- put the cutting material inside the machine. 2- position the laser, then click on origin to position it. 3- go to files, choose your file then click on inter. 4- press on frame to check the cutting frame range. 5- press on start.

below is some of the picture for my final design

  • To download my work on fusion360 program: dxf file

fusion360 file

Group Work

check my teammate Mohammed page

click here

Last update: April 22, 2022