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About me

Hello! This is Qassim Nader, Al Raja School graduate, who looks forward to challenging himself with new opportunities and challenges. Currently, I am a mechanical engineering student at Bahrain Polytechnic. Being an engineering student, the Fab Lab Academy is a great opportunity for me to uplift my practical skills and abilities and better prepare me for my future job, while allowing me to broaden and expand my scope of knowledge. I chose to join this program because I want to experiment on and learn how to use some of the advanced machines, which could definitely add more value to me and better improve my practical skills, making me suitable for becoming a future mechanical engineer. Despite my major at university, I enjoy photo-shooting and video-editing, hence photography and capturing beautiful memories and moments means the world to me, and it is helps me relieve my stress.

Thank you for your time!

Last update: February 1, 2022