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Weaam Ajoor

Hello, Hello !

In a world surrounded by modern technology, information technology (computer engineering/computer sciences) has a big impact on society. It has enabled most people who have access to communicate effectively, expressing their ideas and utilizing their creativity to the best of their ability. I have always been by fascinated by the concept of learning about computing. My passion was sparked from the age of 13 when my father introduced me to the computer systems and constructing electronic circuits. I can recall my initial intrigue, watching my dad, and trying to put the pieces together in my head. I was captivated by the complexity and beauty of the computer and electronic circuits. With this in mind, I have entered University of Bahrain (UOB) to take Bachelors Degree in Computer engineering. This will enable me to achieve my dreams to be a leading inventor of IT revolutions, and develop intelligent machines that would solve major World problems and serve Humanity. Furthermore, I aim to be proffectionally certified by top technology leaders companies such as AWS and Microsoft.

My background

Because of my interest in Computer Engineering, I have taken the opportunity to participate in the robotics programs, for the past five years. This program involves the designing and the construction of robots that are used for a specific function. In addition, these programs involve the leaning of the robot programming language so that they can learn for themselves and function without the interference of humans (autonomy). The programming also enables the development of a language that allows the use of the joystick to control the robot movement. After the three years of training, I have enrolled in the “VEX EDR national competition 2017-2018”. This competition took two months of preparation. However, competing with teams that has a 5 year’s competition experience, was a really challenging competition. In addition, I have been nominated to participate in the First Global Robotics Challenge 2019 that took place in United Arab Emirates (UAE). We have successfully won third place for the “Rajaa Cherkaoui El Moursli Awad for Courageous Achievements”. Furthermore, I was nominated by the UOB to be apart of Bahrain Team for Huawei ICT Competition Middle East 2020. we have innovated AI-Based system that captures the sign language of disabled people such as deaf and it will translate these signs into an actual text that will be displayed on a monitor. We have eventually won “Best Technology Award” in that competition. To learn more about this competition you may visit this website to see my interview with Bahrain TV ! Youtube

Below you will find some beautiful Shots of my previous experience:

These experience has innate my technical understanding, developing and programming robots, allowing them to function specifically. Both the robotics programs and the competitions, have immensely helped me to improve my team working, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and my innovation skills.

Previous work

I have dedicated time to improving my engineering knowledge and taken the initiative in grabbing any opportunity to nurture my skills and ambition. My passion led me to expand my knowledge through participating in “MKF Robotics Team” program offered by AlMabara AlKhalifia Foundation in 2021. I have learnt mainly how to use and program arduino. Hence, for the final project a digital clock with alarm was created. The following photo presents the final project:

My Hobbies

In my free time, I enjoy cooking and baking, which allows me the freedom to explore my creative side. Another hobby of mine is reading, nonfiction in particular, which stimulates me to think analytically and improves my ability to focus. I sincerely believe that I have a responsibility to lend a helping hand to those who are not as fortunate as I am. For this reason, I have participated in voluntary program involving, collecting donations, carry charity exhibitions to portray the donations and aiding the poor people for a month. Offering my aid to these people has been a rewarding and joyful experience that increased my tolerance and taught me that if I want to change the worlds then I should start with it first.

Last update: January 31, 2022