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Group Assignment 4

This group assignment is related to molding and casting and the following tasks will be executed:

1) Review the safety data sheets for each of your molding and casting materials. 2) Make and compare test casts with each of them.

Safety Data Sheets

Liquid Silicone

The intended use for both part A and B silicone is mouldmaking rubber Gloves were worn when dealing with silicone. Also Silicone should be kept away from a fire source since its flammable. If fire occurs don’t breath combustion products

Solid silicone

The solid silicone is safe to use without gloves since it is safe to use for food and is free from toxins


Regarding the Epoxy, protective clothing such as gloves, masks and googles should be worn since it causes skin irritation and serious eye irritation.

When applying the Epoxy, the shape looks as follows.

When utilizing the liquid silicone, this is how it looks:

After pouring gypsum:

When using solid silicon, the design looks as follows:

After pouring Gypsum:

The final design looks as follows:

Last update: August 25, 2021