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This project is to be conducted as a partial fulfilment of Fab Academy training program at Fablab.


This chief objective of this project is to synthesize adhesives by using natural materials with the help of statistical tools (i.e., Design of Experiments). The glue is made from natural materials such as milk, vinegar and baking soda. Then the strength of this glue will be tested in a machine that is designed to check its strength and this machine has a load sensor to check the load that the glue can handle before it starts fracturing. The machine also has a temperature and a humidity sensor to check the temperature and the humidity of the surrounding while doing the load test


Adhesives have shown a very critical impact in the industry in terms of binding things in a simple and cost effective manner. This project will be concerned with producing natural adhesives that will be capable of binding things effectively with the help of Design of Experiment methodology.



It is a material that is able to hold materials together and prevent them from separating. Natural adhesives are those which are produced from natural materials like vegetable starches (i.e., potato, corn, peas) and animal products (i.e., meat, eggs, milk and cheese) [1].

Naturally occurring adhesives have some advantages and disadvantages and they are listed below [2]:


• More economical • Good resistance to shear forces • Can bond with a wide range of materials


• Isn’t as strong as the synthetic adhesives • Can be better utilized for short term applications

Design of Experiments (DOE)

DOE is a statistical approach to design experiments and is utilized to reduce the number of experiments and consider the interaction between variables. Since the focal objective is to see the effect of the input variables on the response, factorial design will be used. Questions

What are you investigating?

What are natural adhesives and how, why they are made and what material can be utilized in an effort to produce these adhesives.

What is the aim and new insight?

The aim is to produce natural adhesives with the help of DOE where several variables are varied instantaneously. Method Utilizing various resources (i.e., papers, books etc.) from the internet to answer our inquiries. DOE will be utilized to design the experiment and see what variable mostly influences the response after conducting a set of experiments.

Why is it important?

It is simple and utilizes cheaper raw materials, so it would be a good alternative for synthetic adhesives in small scale applications.

Last update: September 8, 2021