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This weeks task was to perform some experiments to do some experiments using the materials that have been mentioned in literature along with the values mentioned in literature. The materials that were mentioned in literature are:

1) Milk

2) Vinegar

3) Baking soda

4) Water

My role

The volumes that are put below in the experimental procedure are based on a pre-experimental work to see at what ranges does this glue work nest

Experimental Procedure

Here milk at 510mL and vinegar at 90mL are added in this small bucket and then they are stirred and then transferred to a stainless steel container and heated on a hot plate

After heating and stirring at 40 degrees Celsius, a cloth is put onto a bucket and the hot mixture is poured and as shown below, the solid curds are stuck to the cloth and the remaining liquid has permeated through the cloth and into the glass bucket

Then the curds are removed from the cloth and are placed in a container

Now 5 grams of baking soda are weighted

5g of baking soda along with 50mL of water are mixed with the curds in the glass bucket and we get our glue Then a simple test is conducted by sticking two small wooden pieces together to check the glue

Next week’s task is to perform the experimental design procedure and do the actual experiments after performing the pre-experimentation

Last update: September 8, 2021