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6. Moulding and casting

This week’s task is about moulding and casting. Firstly, a design was done in Fusion 360. The maximum dimensions that can be designed in the milling machine is 80x40x10

Fusion 360 Design

A horizontal rectangle was made and it was extruded Then a vertical rectangle was added and extruded on the top of the previous rectangle A fillet was added on the vertical rectangle edges to make them round Then two circles were added and both were extruded in the opposite direction and two holes were made Finally, fillets were added on both edges of the horizontal rectangle in order to make them round

The software that was utilized for the milling machine is called SRP

Firstly, the surface was adjusted to be orthogonal on the z axis A better surface finish was chosen, even though there are not alot of details in the design Creating tool path for roughing The time needed to finish the design is 0.4 hours. The vpanel is used to move the device bit in the desired x, y and z axis This is the type of drill bit that was used and its 1/8 bit, since there is not much details in my design This is how my design looks in the mould Then 10 grams of white and blue clay were mixed together and added to the mould This is the shape after removing the clay from the mould After that 10 grams of water and 10 grams of Gypsum were mixed and added to the clay After the mixture has solidified this is how the design looks

Downloadable Files

STL file

f3d file

Group Assignment

Group Assignment

Last update: August 26, 2021