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The box design for the final project has gone through two different phases, where the first design was made but was not fit for our project, so a second design was made and used. The first design steps are as follows:

Firstly a rectangle was made and was extruded:

Then a vertical rectangle was added and extruded:

Then, the joints were added:

A duplicate was made by the mirror tool:

The design was adjusted a bit:

The upper box was duplicated at the bottom by the mirror tool:

The second and final design was made through fusion 360: Firstly a sketch was made and the required dimensions were entered. It is noteworthy that the boxes and the circles that are within the sketch are for entering the constituents of our machine:

The sketch was extruded and it looks as follows:

The bottom of the box similarly was made by making a sketch that contained circles at the edges for the nuts:

The bottom of the box looks as follows:

Then the left and right sides of the box were made by this sketch:

Finally it was extruded:

after laser cutting and mounting, the design looks as follows:

Electronics part of project

Assembling the Design

Design files:

1st Design

1st design f3d

1st design stl

2nd Design

Box Top f3D

Box Top stl

Box Bottom f3D

Box Bottom stl

Box right and left f3D

Box right and left stl

Last update: September 2, 2021