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9. Project Development

As Chemical Engineering students our final project was creating a bio material, therefor we came up with an idea of creating a device to test the strength of the bio material.

Design Idea

Coding and Wiring

Assembling and Soldering

VEX Mount

To assemble a design that can be used as a scale, I used the Vex Kit which is a very flexible tool in my opinion as it gives u many possibilities to add or remove any part at any time, since most things are attached using screws and nuts; nothing permanent.

The first step is to create a sturdy base since any movement can affect the accuracy of the readings. As shown, the tower vex is attached to two vex parts in the ground using screws and nuts. At the end it will be noticed that the base design is changed to square shape and the number of vex parts that acts as a base is increased from 2 to 4.

For the load cell to give reading about the weight it should deform from the tip, therefor, I added a flexible vex part (by attaching it to both sides of the vex tower) which I will call it the scale part. In order to deform the load cell I attached a screw at the end of the scale which will hit the load cell from the tip deforming it by the amount of the weight from the other side.

part of the assembling.

Creating the Button

To create the button I needed to add jumper wires to the button to be connected to the bread board, therefor, I soldered them using aluminum.

For the button presser. I will be using the bio material I created which the Banana plastic.

Adding the design to the laser machine to cut the Banana plastic.

As can be seen the laser machine is apple to cut my banana plastic perfectly using 20 speed - 20 power.

Now its tome to attach the button to the acrylic.

To attach them I used a piece of acrylic to be the base that will hold the button so that whenever I push the button it will trigger it smoothly.

Attaching the screen using electronic tape.

Front view after attaching both the screen and the button.

As my partner mentioned that the design of the box got changed I needed to re attach everything to the new design as can be seen.

The down view which shows the wiring.

The final design testing which shows the weight hanging to an MDF that is attached to another MDF in the scale using the bio glue, in order to test the strength of the glue.

Last update: September 2, 2021