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2. Computer Aided design

This week was all about learning about 2d/3d programs and creating simple designs using them.

The first program tested was Cuttle which is specified for 2d vector designs.

The design idea came from a decorate in our house that I tried to replicate.

At first drag a polygon to the origin

Make it 9 sides polygon

Mirror the shape

After that start rotating the shape using rotational tool

Then just play around with the origin tell u get the shape u desire

Change the color to match the base design color

Its definitely not the same base design. However, I am happy with how it looked since its the first time i get introduced to such program.

The second 2d program is specialized in 2d raster called Photoshop cc.

The base design for this program and all the programs to come is Pacman.

The first step was adding a yellow background

Next, is spherizing the shape and mask it

Then, we start creating the mouth

After the mouth is created instead of masking it like the previous step we invert the mask (ctrl+I)

The last step to finish the design is just adding a black eye with a nice arcade background.

Now that we compleated the 2d designs we start with the 3d programs. The first program called fusion 360.

The first step is to make a sphere

Then we start sketching a tringle in order to create the mouth

After that we extrude the triangle

Then we go back to the sketch to add circles to make the eyes

Copy and paste

Add constraints to both circles to fully mirror them

start extruding the eyes

After applying the fillet the eyes did not feel right therefor a switch happened to the shape of the eye from circle to square

The last step is to polish the design by adding colors

The final design

The last program used was Inventor

The first step is sketching

We start by adding a circle with a line in the middle

Then we trim one side of the circle

The sketch is now completed. The next step is to revolve the shape

After that we go back to the sketch to add the eyes

Then we extrude the eyes

Add fillet to the eyes

Finally, we polish the design by adding colors to it

In conclusion, after messing around with the 4 programs I came to the conclusion that every program has it own experience. However the program that excelled to me out of the others was Fusion 360. The program felt futuristic and at the same time being easy to use with a lot of features to play around. To me its the perfect program to start your journey in learning 3d+2d designs.

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Fusion 360

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Last update: July 17, 2021