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Final Project [Week04]

This week goal is complete the experiment of making the banana plastic.

Last week problem was the blender being unavailable and the one that I made by myself wasn’t capable of turning the banana skins to a uniform paste. Therefor, buying a blender was the first thing to do for this week. Now that we have a blender, the experiment can be proceeded.

Day 1

For the first day the only banana type I had was Indian bananas which look like the following

I did not bother with the type of banana, so I proceeded with same steps for the previous week which is boiling for 60 mins and then drying for 30 mins.

Indian banana skins are a lot thinner then the regular banana skins, so during the drying they basically got burned and dried.

After testing them

Day 2

A new batch of banana peels were made. However this time instead of drying them in the sun, a drying sheet is used.

Blending process

Adding 98 g water

Adding 2.4g sage (for flexibility)

Adding 58.8g of corn flower (increases the starch percentage)

Adding 29.4g of glycerine (act as a plastizer)

Adding 1.1g Arabic gum (for flexibility)

Mixing for 3 minutes

preparing the mixture to put it in the oven to dry it for 3 hours at 120C

The final result

Errors of the day

it can be noticed that the final product had the feeling of jelly’ish this is probably because the mixture was watery. and the other batch was basically burned.

solutions for next trial

  • After the blending with water extracting the banana starch using a filter the start adding the mixture.
  • Lower the time of drying in the oven.
  • Doing small batches rather then one big batch.

Last update: August 3, 2021