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Final Project [Week01]

This week I worked on defining my final project idea.

Utilizing Residuals to Construct Plastic Lumber


Sawdust and plastic is a common materials in any fablab that’s usually gets redundant after usage. Therefor the idea of recycling them to a material that could replace wooden sheets is an interesting idea.


Plastic lumber is being used to replace wooden lumber in some construction applications, especially in outdoor applications where the plastic lumber is presumed to weather better than the wood. Since the 1980’s plastic lumber has found its way into many unique consumer applications. Technology was born to separate, clean and turn the post-consumer materials into a usable feed stock for further processing through continuous extrusion and molding. The advantages of plastic lumber over natural wood include being waterproof, resistant to weathering, mold and borers, and not requiring regular painting or maintenance, meaning it can be used in environments that natural wood would be unable to withstand for long periods. It can be used for exterior building applications including decking/railing systems, window/door profiles, shingles, sound barriers for roadways, and infrastructure products such as boardwalks, picnic tables, and park benches.


heating plastic materials can be toxic. Therefore, being aware of the danger of coming up with a black smoke and noxious odor is advised.

The aim

The aim of my work is to recycle the sawdust and waste plastic to a material that can be used as a replacement of the wooden sheet in the CNC for example or any other applications.


Its basically melted plastic mixed with fiber to give it strength. The mixture is then poured in an extrusion device. This device pumps the mixture to the area that takes the shape of the mold that is attached to the end of the extrusion device. The mold is then cooled until the product is ready to be removed from the mold to be used.

The importance of this project

First of all, being apple to create a useful material from materials that is subjected to be a waste is always a beneficial thing. Second, being apple to link the process of making the product to the fabacademy. For example, creating the mold that will take the shape of the product. Also, the product could be used in CNC machine which is an application for the material.


This is subject to be changed. However, for the time being it might be around 6 weeks.


Last update: July 29, 2021