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Final Project [Week03]

This week was the start of applying what learned from researching into experiments.

Preparing the banana paste

The first step is to cut the banana peels into small pieces then boiling them for 60 minutes.

Separating the water from the boiled banana peels.

Drying the banana peels for 30 minutes.

After the drying is completed. The next step to blend the banana peels until it converts into a paste. However, since there were no blender available I had to make one myself.

The first thing is to cut an aluminum piece to be used as the cutter.

Drilling the aluminum piece in the middle to fit a screw inside it.

The sharpening step

Bending the aluminum piece.

Fitting the screw inside the piece using nuts.

Applying the cutter inside the drill.

Final look of the self-made blender

Error of the week

The self-made blender unfortunately wasn’t strong enough to form a paste of the banana peels which halted the progress of the experiment until a real blender is available to be used.

Last update: August 2, 2021