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Final Project [Week05+Week06]

After leaving the product for a day to dry it is noticed that the unburned side of the bio plastic turned to be very good. Thus confirming that the recipe is good, However it need few tweaks to perfect it.

The thin style of the bioplastic was fail trial I would say.

The new batch

One of the issues regarding the old batch was the excess water therefor this time I decided to filter the water from the banana paste before mixing it with the rest of the components.

After the filtering

Adding the following components

To avoid the burning problem. I decided to cover the bioplastic with aluminum sheet.

After 3 hours @100 degree C. The bio plastic turned to be very successful experiment as can be seen it helded itself very well and did not burn.

I noticed that the bottom part of the bio plastic once it is out of the oven is not hard which can be used for casting just like the clay.

After 1 day. The bio plastic is strong and have the element of flexibility. It also can be used to create a mold.

Last update: August 22, 2021